Comment: Carson, Kasich, O'Malley, Graham and Others That Ran
In attempt to present immigration positions of all the Presidential candidates who ran in 2016, in their own words from their own websites, we visited websites of all the candidates and looked for their declared positions on the issue of immigration. We were unable to find official positions on immigration of the following candidates who are no longer running: George Pataki, Jim Webb, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal and Joe Biden (who did not officially run). In this issue of Immigration Daily we cover immigration positions of Ben Carson, John Kasich, Martin O'Malley, and Lindsey Graham. Detail or lack thereof, for the immigration positions reflect what candidates have chosen to present on their websites.

Ben Carson

  • The overwhelming majority of Americans want the borders of our country secured and our immigration laws robustly enforced, but many recent administrations have been unwilling to get tough on this issue. This is yet another area where our government's leadership and the wishes of many of the people diverge and the people are being ignored. As president, I will work to end government overreach, reform our immigration policies, boost visa enforcement and secure our borders.
  • Many Americans have reached out to me to share their concern about sanctuary cities and the seemingly insurmountable problems on the Southern border. One of my top priorities as president would be to seal the border with Mexico to stop the flow of drugs and violence into the United States. Furthermore, I would end federal policies that have permitted cities to harbor criminal illegal immigrants. The tragedies that have occurred due to such criminal illegal immigrants are completely avoidable and should never happen again.
  • The Obama administration's open border policy has encouraged illegal immigrants to slip into the United States to give birth to their children here, which earns them birthright citizenship. I believe the first steps in addressing birthright citizenship overreach is to begin securing our borders and enhancing visa enforcement.
  • I would first work to seal the borders and enhance border security. For some illegal immigrants, I would consider integrating them into a guest worker program, but they would not receive amnesty or voting rights

John Kasich

      The website page on immigration carries a video. Following are the points made in that video.
  • Seal the border using modern technology.
  • At the same time, we cannot take 12 million people and tell them you are out of here.
  • If you have sneaked in recently, we ought to ship you back, we are not saying to everybody border is open, come here.
  • America is a place where we invite people, but we want them to come legally.
  • Those people who seem to yell the loudest seem to get the most attention, but they do not represent the majority.

Martin O'Malley

  • We are a nation of immigrants - whether our ancestors came from Ireland or from Mexico, or whether they immigrated here generations ago, or whether our parents brought us to the United States. But today, this fundamental characteristic of our country - the diversity that makes us great and enriches each new generation - is being eroded. Our outdated immigration laws no longer meet our economic needs, our national security imperatives, or our values as a people. They fail to reaffirm our founding ideal, e pluribus unum - that out of many, we are one.
  • As a nation, we must honor our proud legacy as a nation of immigrants and maintain one of America's key strategic advantages: that people all over the world still dream of becoming Americans. To continue to attract the next generation of strivers, dreamers, and risk-takers, and to be true to the values we hold dear, it is imperative that we pursue a dynamic, modern approach to immigration policy. This will require a new push for comprehensive immigration reform - and new leadership that is willing to work tirelessly until it is finally accomplished, once and for all.

      As President, Governor O'Malley will:
  • Provide Deferred Action to the Greatest Possible Number of New Americans.
  • Grant Broad Waivers to the Three- or Ten-Year Bar.
  • Expand Parole-in-Place.
  • Conduct Sustained Naturalization Outreach.
  • Rescind the Regulations Restricting Health Care for DACA and DAPA-Recipients.
  • Limit Detention to Only Those Who Pose a Clear Threat to Public Safety.
  • End the 34,000 Bed Quota.
  • Close Inhumane Detention Facilities.
  • Expand Due Process Protections in the Detention and Immigration System.
  • Prevent Racial and Religious Profiling.
  • Limit the Use of Detainers and Notifications.
  • End 287(g) Agreements.
  • Respect the Autonomy of States and Localities in Immigration Enforcement.
  • End the Coercion of Local Law Enforcement through Civil Immigration Warrants.
  • Promote Smart, 21st-Century Border Security.
  • Ensure That CBP Officers Can Serve with Pride.
  • Refocus Border Enforcement on Securing the Actual Border.
  • Focus on the Most Important Cases.
  • Enact and Implement Comprehensive Immigration Reform.
  • Create an Independent Agency to Set U.S. Immigration Policy.
  • Address Employment Barriers for Foreign Professionals.
  • Promote Family Unity.
  • Restore Judicial Discretion.
  • Protect the Diversity Visa.

Lindsey Graham (No longer running)

  • Protect and Defend Our Southern Border. First and foremost, we need to hire, train, and deploy new Border Patrol agents and complete the border fence.
  • Make E-Verify and Electronic Entry-Exit System Mandatory. All employers must be required to confirm the legal status of any new hires through a mandatory E-Verify system. We must also deploy an electronic Entry-Exit system at all international air and sea ports of entry in the U.S.
  • Require Illegal Immigrants to Register with the Government. Illegal immigrants should be forced to live under our rules, not theirs. It is essential that we pursue reforms that will bring an end to the unsustainable problem of 11 million illegal immigrants currently in our country living outside the bounds of legal structures. The status quo is de-facto amnesty. All illegal immigrants must be required to make restitution by paying steep fines, registering with the government, paying taxes on income, learning English, and getting in line behind every single legal immigrant if they want to apply for citizenship.
  • Rescind Unconstitutional Executive Orders. The complex challenges of illegal immigration cannot be addressed by President Obama's preferred method of issuing executive orders and subverting our Constitution. Only by committing to consensus-driven, common-sense reforms through transparent, constitutional means can we secure our nation and our borders. We need presidential leadership, not usurpation.

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