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Article: House Bi-Partisan Budget Deal Gives Hope to Immigration Activists by Amanda Peterson Beadle

Blogging: CSPA Oral Arguments Before the Supreme Court by Carl Shusterman

Blogging: Immigration Triangulation - Another Dysfunctional Government Policy by Angelo Paparelli

Bloggings by Roger Algase: Will the Budget Deal Open the Way to Immigration Reform? Not So Fast; Will Immigration Reform Reduce Race and Class Inequality?

News: CRS Report on U.S. Immigration Policy on Haitian Migrants

Focus: Hi-Tech PERM is pleased to announce our newest seminar series, "Hi-Tech PERM". The Discussion Leader will be Joel Stewart and panelists include Rami Fakhoury, Linda Kim, Matt Morse, Michael Piston, Ed Rubin, Lawrence Rudnick, Rohit Turkhud, David Ware, and Nathan Waxman.

The curriculum is as follows:

FIRST Phone Session on December 19, 2013 - Early Planning for Hi-Tech PERM

  • Comparison of Temporary and Permanent Work Authorization
  • Maintaining Status: Students, TEMP Workers and PERM
  • Temporary Hi-Tech Visas: H-1, L-1, L-1B, E-1, E2, B-1, O-1, F-1 STEM, & J-1
  • Other TEMP Visas: NAFTA, Chile, Australia, Singapore
  • Prevailing Wage Requests for Temporary v. Permanent
  • Wage Ranges and DOE (Depends on Experience)
  • Experience & Higher Education Gained on the Job
  • Oversubscribed Countries: India, China, Mexico: Extension of Stay and Porting
  • Consular Processing v. Change of Status

SECOND Phone Session on January 16, 2014 - PERM Crossover IT Occupations

  • Understanding O*NET Snapshots:
  • Occupation or Job?: Titles v. Job Functions
  • Specific Job Requirements: Education, Experience & Training
  • Special IT Language and Technology Requirements
  • Travel, Unanticipated Work Locations, Relocation & Telecommuting
  • Kellogg and the Magic Language
  • Alternate Occupations & Stacked Requirements
  • Current Trends and Controversies from DOL
  • Anticipating the I-140 Immigrant Visa Petition

THIRD Phone Session on February 6, 2014 -PERM Recruitment and Audits for IT and Other

  • Submission of Resumes v. On-Line Job Applications
  • Definitions: Referrals, Applicants, US Workers
  • HR Resume Screening: Administrative Convenience vs. PERM
  • Interviews and Evaluations of Job Applicants
  • Trends in Job Shops & 3rd Party Employment
  • Issues in Specific Industries: Programming, Hardware Design, Cam-Cad, Etc.
  • How to Respond to Unusual Audit Requests
  • Post Denial Requests for Reconsideration & Appeal

For additional information including panelist biographies, and to register, please see:
Fax Form:

The registration date for the first session is December 17th. Don't delay, act today!

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Letters of the Week: Priscillia Suntoso, Ashvin Patel, Marc Yelnick,

ComingsNGoings: Participants Needed
Houston - Participants Needed for Focus Groups to Suggest Process Improvements to the H-1B Program - USCIS has initiated and funded a study to obtain external stakeholder perspectives on the H-1B adjudication process and to develop recommendations to improve the process. USCIS hopes to better understand the dynamics of high-skilled labor markets in the United States to anticipate future demand and make program adjustments within their authority. Mathematica Policy Research and Migration Policy Institute were selected by USCIS to conduct this study of the H-1B program. In Houston, one of the four focus locations, FosterQuan has been asked to assist in recruiting participants from employers and H-1B employees who have previously used the H-1B program. To conduct the study, MPI is looking for participants in two separate focus Groups: 1. An H-1B employer focus group and 2. An H-1B beneficiary (employee) focus group. Each focus group will last approximately 90 minutes. The focus groups will be scheduled in December 2013, at a time and place convenient to most participants in the Houston area. For additional information, please see: If you are interested in improving the H-1B program, please email

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