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In today's edition of Immigration Daily, we feature many items of interest - articles/bloggings on Immigrations leads to local job growth, e-verify post-government shutdown, Obama administration playing with DREAM 30 Asylum Seekers, and updates on CIR. News items on USCIS announcing temporary accomodation for Form I-129 H-2A Petitions. Also featured are an announcement of the Consular Processing For Experts Seminar Series, top immigration headlines, and an announcement of an immigration event. Share your thoughts about today's edition of the Daily or on any other immigration-related topic by writing to

Article: Report: Immigration Leads to Local Job Growth by Paul McDaniel

Blogging: E-Verify Post-Government Shutdown by Bruce Buchanan

Blogging: Obama Administration Playing Politics with the DREAM 30 Asylum Seekers by Matthew Kolken

Bloggings by Greg Siskind: California Republican First to Sign on to House Democrats' Immigration Bill, Gutierrez: Obama Should Stop Deportations if Congress Won't Move an Immigration Bill, Republican and Democrat Tell Parties to Cut the Partisan Games on Immigration Reform

Bloggings by Roger Algase: Latest From House GOP Leaders: Immigration Reform 2013 - RIP, Congressional Republicans Speak Out Against House CIR Obstruction

News: USCIS Announces Temporary Accomodation for Form I-129 H-2A Petitions

Focus: Consular Processing For Experts Seminar Series is proud to announce out newest seminar series, "Consular Processing for Experts" at a discounted price. Now, for the price of one, you will be able to participate in all three sessions. Michael Phulwani will be the Discussion Leader and other speakers include David Nachman and others to be announced soon. The curriculum is as follows:

FIRST Phone Session on October 31 - Bureau of Consular Affairs

  • The Visa Office
    • Function
    • Advisory Opinions Section
    • Other Sections of the Visa Office
  • The National Visa Center
  • The Kentucky Consular Center
  • Non-Immigrant Visa Processing
  • Preparing the client for interview
  • Reasons for denial
  • Overcoming reasons for denial
  • Current problems
  • Current problem posts
  • Communicating with Consuls in NIV Cases
  • Email, etc.
  • Legalnet
  • Other methods of communication

SECOND Phone Session on November 27 - Non-Immigrant Visa Processing

  • Current problems - generally
  • Special issues and concerns at different consular posts
  • Administrative processing - what does it mean?
  • L-1 visa problems - generally
  • L-1 visa problems - India
  • The "India disease"
  • Consular Sections - How are they organized?
    • Anti-fraud
  • Consular Tools
    • Foreign Affairs Manual
    • ALDACs
    • SIGs
  • What do Consuls know?
  • What is "consular culture"?
  • INA Section 221 (g) Visa Denials
  • INA Section 214 (b) denials
    • Home ties and immigrant intent
    • Nationality
    • Marital status
    • Gender
    • Family ties
    • Economic and Professional ties
  • Effective interaction with Consular Officers
    • Generally
    • Telephone
    • Email
    • Legalnet
    • Other methods of communications
  • New Developments
    • Reissuing visas without a personal appointment

THIRD Phone Session on December 26 - Immigrant Visa Consular Processing

  • Validity of marriages, divorces, and adoptions in India
  • Visa denials u/s 212(a)(6)(c)(i), 212(a)(6)(E)(i), 212(a)(9)(B), and consequences
  • How to avoid denials in a timely manner
  • Common mistakes done by the applicants which result in such denials
  • The role of the NVC in IV processing
  • Overseas filing of I-130's; when is it possible, and where?
  • The IV interview - what takes place, what issues are involved? (medical clearances, inadmissibilities)
  • Police certificates - how to obtain
  • K visas - special status as NIVs processed like IVs' - pitfalls for unwary petitioners and beneficiaries
  • Affidavit of support issues
  • DVs - how are they processed differently from IVs - if at all
  • Priority date pitfalls/aging out for family members - strategies
  • IV waivers - statutory authority, limitations (which are available for NIVs but not IVs)

For additional information, including speaker biographies and registration information, please see:
Fax Form:

Don't delay, act today! The registration deadline for the first session is October 29, 2013 - 11:00pm!

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ComingsNGoings: Immigration Event
November21 - 2:00-3:00pm [EST] - USCIS invites any interested parties to participate in a teelconference to discuss Form I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiance(e). During this engagement, USCIS officials from the Texas Service Center will provide an overview of Form I-129F, discuss filing requirements and be available to answer your questions. To register, please visit:

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