Comment: CIR Blowing Up
Despite the naysaying by the media, we were bullish on CIR - until today. Until today, our forecast was as follows: in October, the House Judiciary committee would report 2 Republican bills to the floor - one on DREAM legalization and one for legalizing other undocumented folk. Then, in November or December there would be no House floor vote on any of the Republican bills. Instead the secretive bipartisan Gang of 7 in the House would release its version of CIR which would be adopted as an amendment to a budget bill by the Senate. Following a victorious Senate vote, there would be an up-or-down floor vote in the House, where CIR/legalization proponents command a solid majority, thus sending CIR to the President's desk. Since the issue with CIR has always been how to get to the House floor with a bipartisan bill, not what gets to the House floor in that bipartisan bill, the scenario outlined above neatly fulfilled all the bullet points of the leaders on both sides, Republican and Democratic, in both chambers, House and Senate.

However, today the above is just yesterday's situation report - today, all has changed. Speaking of the erstwhile Gang of 7, Politico reports: "In a joint statement, Texas Republican Reps. John Carter and Sam Johnson said that they had "reached a tipping point" in the talks and "can no longer continue" working on a "broad approach" to a rewrite of the nation's immigration laws." This deals CIR a possibly fatal blow in this Congress, since there is no longer a vehicle to reach the House floor on a truly bipartisan House CIR bill.

In the meanwhile, the other parts of the plan are proceeding as scheduled, Politico also reports "[the House Judiciary committee Chairman] on Thursday explicitly endorsed a pathway to citizenship for some undocumented immigrants brought to the United States illegally by their parents … Goodlatte also repeated his openness to a citizenship path for the broader undocumented population. Those currently living in the United States without authorization should be allowed to become legalized, he said, and then use existing channels - such as marriage to a U.S. citizen or sponsorship by an employer - if they want to pursue citizenship." The latter pronouncement by Chairman Goodlatte sounds awfully like reviving 245(i). As best as we can see, the House Judiciary committee will continue to report immigration bills to the floor, largely on party lines. It now appears to us that the House Republican leadership will find a way to get a floor vote on the various House Republican bills, either all at once, or one by one - and will then ask for a conference with the Senate on S. 744, the CIR bill. We believe that many Democrats will vote against several of the House immigration bills, thus neutralizing immigration as an issue for the Republican party to defend in the 2014 elections (wouldn't it be an irony to see a Republican DREAM bill pass the House against a majority of Democratic votes?). We believe that such a partisan conference will blow up without a report, but with wild accusations by all sides against each other. This would neatly serve Republican ends in that they could portray the failure to pass CIR in such a manner as would defuse Democratic attacks, it would also neatly serve Democratic ends in that they could continue to pose as friends of immigrants without really doing anything to help the suffering undocumented.

We are dismayed by the inept handling of CIR by many of those who profess to support it, in both parties. For those who hope to pin the blame on one party rather than the other, we serve notice that we are not fooled - we will call out the hypocrites in both parties who label themselves as immigrant-friendly but do not walk the walk. Share your thoughts by writing to

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