Comment: Terrorist Enablers On The Right
Speaking on Sean Hannity this morning, former Republican Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan said about the undocumented "they ought to be in the shadows". This was in connection with the Boston bombings by a deranged duo, providing some on the right an excuse to prevent comprehensive immigration reform, and to continue to keep America unsafe by ensuring that the "shadows" in America are sufficiently large to hide any number of terrorists. These lunatics of the right (fortunately not joined by the lunatics of the left) want to use the fact that in any group of a million people there will inevitably be one who is a really bad person, and thus want to throw all the babies out with the bath water. Does this mean now that we can deport everyone who lives in Corinth, Mississippi just because one crazy guy there sent ricin-laced letters in an attempt to kill a US Senator, a federal judge and the President? Sen. Grassley (R-IA), ranking member on the Senate Judiciary committee made this comment at the opening hearing for immigration reform: "We also appreciate the opportunity to talk about immigration. Particularly in light of all that's happening in Massachusetts right now and over the last week". We encourage supporters of CIR on that committee and in the Senate to point out the obvious to Mr. Grassley that what is happening in Massachusetts is the work of two losers (according to their uncle), and the only connection to immigration is that CIR will make America safer. Mr. Grassley, in cahoots with Mr. Buchanan, and a not-insignificant portion of the right hate immigrants with such a passion that they will not hesitate to keep America unsafe by delaying CIR into another Congress. Unless they offer specific proposals designed to remove lunatics from Corinth, Mississippi along with lunatics among Chechen immigrants, their ploy is clear - just a fig leaf to hold up CIR which they oppose on other grounds. If the time has come to play the racist card, then it must be played. Some in the right are fighting dirty - and are not engaging CIR on the substance. The proponents of CIR must loudly point out the open racism of the opponents (Pat Buchanan is an open racist) - a defensive attitude will defuse all the momentum thus far built up for CIR. At the same time, all pro-immigration groups should denounce the terrorists in no uncertain terms, and pledge to support all law-enforcement initiatives designed to minimize a future Boston bombing. Common sense, however, dictates that there will always be some level of terrorist activity everywhere, and that to expect zero terrorism in America in the 21st century is to expect the impossible. Those who are proud to be pro-immigration Republicans should note that by the time of the 2014 elections, Boston will have been forgotten, but the racist attitudes of those Republicans who now dominate the discussion on Boston will not be forgotten. If the GOP wants another debacle like 2012, they will get it. Share your thought by writing to

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