Comment: Many Ways To CIR
Roll Call reports that efforts by Unions and Business groups who lie at the heart of any legislative compromise on immigration reform are faltering. There is much more agreement on the Hill on a path to citizenship or the lack thereof in any CIR statute over the next few months than there is on this crucial issue – the issue of temporary workers. CIR succeeds or fails on this one issue - temporary workers. The two sides are really far apart on the quantity of temporary workers, the article reports: "One of the main areas of disagreement concerns how many new visas should be issued. The chamber, while it would prefer an uncapped program, agreed to set the ceiling at 400,000 visas per year, Johnson said. Labor, in order to protect American workers from competition, wanted an annual cap of about 10,000." 400K vs. 10K - the sides are far apart indeed. At this stage, one has to proceed on the assumption that the AFL-CIO and the US Chamber of Commerce will not be able to resolve the impasse. So, what's next? One possibility is that the Senate "Gang of Eight" will personally resolve this matter among each other - after all, resolving thorny issues is the politician's job. Another possibility is that if the Senators cannot find compromise quickly enough, is that a secretive House bi-partisan group will soon reveal its own compromise, one that will, according to another Roll Call article "will cause heartburn on the left and the right" - this announcement is expected soon after Congress reconvenes in early April. There is a still further possibility: the House Republican leadership will move its own bill or bills – probably on quite narrow immigration matters, such as DREAM or hi-tech visas on which there is considerable political support on both ends of the political spectrum. One way or another, the next few weeks promise action finally on CIR: the starting gun is about to be fired on long awaited immigration reform. Stay tuned to Immigration Daily for the latest!

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Focus: Removal Ground and Defenses
The second session of the Seminar Series Removal For Experts will be taking place this Thursday, March 21st. The Discussion Leader is Lory Rosenberg and other speakers include Thomas Ragland and Matthew Kolken. The curriculum is as follows:

  • "Common" crimes: assault and battery, identity theft, drugs
  • Categorical approach update
  • Post-conviction vacation and sentence modification
  • Expedited removal, removal hearing waivers
  • Motion to reopen strategies
  • Preparing for appeal

The deadline to register is March 19th. For additional information and speaker biographies, please see:
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Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal
New York, NY - Downtown New York City firm is seeking a full-time, experienced, Spanish-speaking immigration paralegal. The ideal candidate will have 1+ years of immigration experience in preparing and assembling immigration packages to be submitted to USCIS for IV processes, with I-30 Alien Relative Petitions, I-485 Application for Adjustment of Status, I-360 VAWA petitions, I-765, Employment Authorization, and I-140 Employment-Based petitions. Fluency in Spanish is essential; College degree preferred. Other qualifications include excellent writing and communication skills, proofing and reviewing applications and legal forms, ability to work independently or with supervision, ability to work well with Supervising Attorney. Punctuality and reliability are a must; references and background checks are needed. To apply, please email

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ComingsNGoings: Immigration Reading
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