Comment: Republicans Reason Way Towards CIR -
It is beginning to be clear that the GOP seems adamant about CIR, with certain members making promises, some engaging in bipartisan talks, and others calling attention to the matter. The motives behind such a changed stance on CIR have been attributed to the lack of support from Latino voters in this past election. However, an article on Politico, which can be found here [link to article], notes that the GOP's incentive for pushing CIR is more complex. Rekindling its tried and true cause of bettering the economy, some Republicans argue that CIR would help our country's economy in the long-run. They argue that by allowing undocumented immigrants legal status, they would then be able to pay taxes, acquire better jobs and earn higher wages, and this would all help in bettering the economy. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) said in an interview with Politico recently, "our goal is not to make rich people poorer…it is to make poor people richer, make all Americans more prosperous. And I think immigration is a part of that…in order for this economy to grow dynamically, this country is going to need a 21st century legal immigration system." Regardless of what the end-goal is, however, CIR unarguably is essential. Share your thoughts with us about the Republican party's exponentially increasing prioritization of CIR by writing to

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Making Sense of Public Opinion: American Discourses About Immigration and Social Programs - Claudia Strauss - Cambridge University Press, 435 pp. - Hardcover, ISBN: 1107019923, $99.95 -

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