Dear Stakeholder,

As promised at our last engagement, we invite you to suggest a topic for the next EB-5 Interactive event which we plan to hold in September (details to come). We are using Idea Community, an online crowdsourcing tool, to allow you to submit your ideas for topics, vote for ideas and comment on ideas submitted by others.

Joining the Idea Community is easy. All you need is an active email address. You can create a profile, submit ideas for discussion, and vote or comment on other people’s ideas.

Once you join the Idea Community, please submit your idea for the next EB-5 Interactive event by July 22. We will consider all ideas and choose one. Since we began the EB-5 Interactive series, we have discussed requests for evidence on lawful source of funds for investment (February) and expenses that are includable (or excludable) for job creation (June).

See you in the Idea Community!