Release Date: August 20, 2014

USCIS customers, whose petitions or applications are processed at a USCIS Service Center or the National Benefits Center and who wish to receive certain documents by overnight delivery service, must include a valid prepaid air bill or shipping label with their filing. We will use your prepaid air bill or shipping label whenever possible.  This option is ONLY available for receiving the following types of documents from certain USCIS facilities:

USCIS Service Centers OR the National Benefits CenterUSCIS Service Centers Only
  • Advance parole documents (does not include combination Employment Authorization Document/Advance Parole Cards);
  • Re-entry permits; and
  • Refugee travel documents.
  • Approval notices; and
  • Notices of denial.

To ensure your overnight delivery requests are not delayed, please remember to:

  • Include a valid prepaid air bill or shipping label when you submit your application, petition or response to a request for evidence. Providing a prepaid shipping label directly from the delivery service is the best way to avoid delivery errors. You will not need to write in an account number if you use a shipping label.
  • Enter your name in both the “to” and “from” fields on the air bill or shipping label.
  • Never list USCIS as the sender and do not mark “bill to sender.”
  • Pay all delivery costs in advance, and include the prepaid air bill or shipping label with your submission.

We will not honor shipping labels sent after the initial filing. You should be aware that using a prepaid air bill or shipping label does not speed up adjudication and will not always result in faster delivery of the notice.  If the delivery costs are not paid in full, or if you do not choose to send us a prepaid air bill or shipping label, we will send the documents to you by regular U.S. mail. For more information, visit our website.