Anticipated Removal Proceedings For Former Indian Opt Enrollees Of A2Tech Technologies, LLC; Integra Technologies, Llc; Aandwell Llc; And, Wireclass


Indian foreign workers in the United States are being denied visas, extensions, change of status (OPT to H1B; H1B to Green Card), and other immigration benefits because of past OPT enrollment in four (4) business organizations that the US Government has deemed fraudulent.

The Government has claimed that the following four (4) businesses are shams and not legitimate organizations:

(1) A2Tech Technologies, LLC;

(2) Aandwell LLC;

(3) Integra Technologies, LLC; and,

(4) Wireclass

The websites for these organizations are not presently operational. However, the websites for each of the organizations were found to be very similar in language and content giving a highly skeptical view as to the legitimacy of the organization.

Moreover, upon close inspection, it was asserted by the Government that the organizations all list the same address: 19C Trolley Square, Wilmington, Delaware 19806, which turned out to be a small store- front in a strip mall not likely to support four technology companies that were featured in their respective websites.

The Government asserts that the sham businesses issued false employment letters, payroll records and other materials and documents to students to maintain their F1 status by being engaged in Optional Practical Training (“OPT”) with the fraudulent businesses.

Consequently, the Government has concluded that the students that were associated with OPT programs of the four (4) businesses have engaged in fraud and material misrepresentation when they provided the false and fake businesses documents to the schools’ Designated Student Office (“DSO”) who issued the I-20 that was eventually registered in the Immigration & Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) Student & Exchange Visitors Information System (“SEVIS”).

It estimated that there are about 4,000 plus individuals that were enrollees and will be adversely impacted by their past OPT association with any of the above four (4) businesses.

The US Embassy in Mumbai have issued notification to individual that were previously enrolled in any OPT Programs associated with the four (4) sham businesses.

It is anticipated that there are a large number of individuals in the United States that have been or will be adversely impacted and will be required to explain their participation in these fraudulent organizations before the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) or before the US Immigration Court. The intended Government’s action is to obtain a removal order, which could be based upon fraud and material misrepresentation. A fraud finding will result in the person’s permanent bar in obtaining a visa to the United States in the future. While a waiver is available, it is only granted under very limited circumstances.

However, there are legal issues and factual circumstances that should be explored with an experienced Immigration Attorney regarding potential legal defenses to Government’s claims and the possibility of a waiver that can be applied for in these cases.

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