April Visa Bulletin Update


The April Visa Bulletin has modest forward movement among most employment-based preference categories. EB-1 Worldwide continues to be backlogged but moved forward by a few months while India and China had slower forward movement. EB-2 and EB-3 moved forward slightly for China and India but not at all for any other countries. EB-5 India continues to move forward rapidly and, according to the March 13, 2020 USCIS EB-5 Stakeholder Call, is expected to be current this summer.

Significantly, USCIS announced that in April, it will only accept applications for adjustment of status based on Chart A – Final Action Dates, for the first time this fiscal year. Therefore, anyone with a current priority date based on Chart B – Dates for Filing as of the March Visa Bulletin may only have a few weeks left to file an adjustment of status application.

April Employment-Based Final Action Dates Chart

Employment- Based Immigrant Visas All Chargeability
Areas Except
Those Listed
China (Mainland) El Salvador
India Mexico Philippines Vietnam
1st 01JUN19 08JUN17 01JUN19 01MAY15 01JUN19 01JUN19 01JUN19
2nd C 01SEP15 C 25MAY09 C C C
3rd 01JAN17 15APR16 01JAN17 22JAN09 01JAN17 01JAN17 01JAN17
Other Workers 01JAN17 01JUL08 01JAN17 22JAN09 01JAN17 01JAN17 01JAN17
4th C C 15JUL16 C 22JAN18 C C
Certain Religious Workers C C 15JUL16 C 22JAN18 C C
EB-5 Non Regional Centers C 15MAY15 C 01JAN19 C C 08FEB17
EB-5 Regional Centers C 15MAY15 C 01JAN19 C C 08FEB17

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