H-1B RFE Case Study: Expert Opinion Letter from Professor of Computer Sciences Denied


Last year we had countless clients come to us with specialty occupation RFEs. Some of them came to us with RFEs that they had tried to get overturned with an expert opinion letter, and failed.

One such client came to us with a specialty occupation RFE for computer programmer. He had submitted an expert opinion letter with the petition, anticipating issues arising. However, the expert opinion letter he included in his petition was from the WRONG expert.

USCIS only acknowledges expert opinion letters written by experts that have extensive experience WORKING IN their field of expertise. Simply being a professor or instructor in the field does not cut it, they need to have a wealth of field experience of their own for their opinion to have the weight it takes to sway USCIS.

At TheDegreePeople.com, we only work with experts with extensive field experience. While many of our experts are instructors, they also either work now, or have very recently worked directly in the field. When we send USCIS expert opinion letters, RFEs get overturned virtually every time.

Of course, the expert opinion letter is only as good as the information provided. The more details you can give our experts the more credible and convincing their letter will be.

About The Author

Sheila Danzig is the Executive Director of CCI, TheDegreePeople.com, a foreign credentials evaluation agency. If you, or if your employee or client received an H-1B RFE for specialty occupation, talk to us. Be sure to have detailed documentation of the duties and responsibilities of the position, the ad for the job as well as ads for the same position in different companies within the field, and proof of past hiring practices to prove that an advanced degree is the norm for minimum required education for entry into the position. We will advise you on anything else you may need for your, or your employee or client’s specific circumstance.

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