Avoiding Status Violations in the Side Gig Economy


As a foreign national in the U.S. on a non-immigrant visa, it can be very unclear whether or not certain activities you do are considered employment or work by the federal government. At Klasko Immigration Law Partners, LLP, as experienced and renowned employment-based immigration lawyers , we answer these questions almost every day and hope to clarify some common misconceptions so you can avoid status violations.

In the infographic below, we have outlined the definition of employment, which common visa categories need to worry about status violations, and a chart outlining example activities that are considered employment versus jobs that are most likely not considered work. Additionally, we clarify one very common misconception about volunteer work, plus the possible consequences of status violations.

If your unique situation wasn’t covered in the infographic above and you still need further legal guidance, please contact the employment-based immigration lawyers at Klasko Immigration Law Partners, LLP, for assistance, or schedule a consultation .

This post originally appeared on The Foundation for Economic Education. Reprinted with permission.

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