Everything You Need to Know about Three-Year Bachelors Degrees and H1B Filing


Here’s the deal with H1B and the Indian Three-Year bachelor’s degree:

CIS will NOT accept the Indian three-year bachelor’s degree alone as adequate evidence that you or your employee or client meets H1B educational requirements.

It doesn’t matter that Indian three-year bachelor’s degrees contain just as many if not more credit hours as the US four-year bachelor’s degree. It doesn’t matter that many prominent British and US universities accept Indian students into Master’s programs with three-year bachelor’s degrees. It doesn’t matter what international trade agreements and international education analysis has to say about the academic value of an Indian three-year bachelor’s degree.

The bottom line is CIS is hung up on missing year number four, and to get your or your employee or client’s H1B visa approved, that fourth year needs to be accounted for.

Here’s how:

If you or your employee or client has three years of progressive work experience in the field of his or her H1B job, a university or college professor with the authority to issue college credit for work experience can grant one year of college credit for those three years of work experience. How can you tell if you or your employee or client has “progressive” work experience? Throughout the years of work experience, you or your employee or client must have taken on more responsibility and complexity in the work performed, indicating that education specialized to the field occurred through this work experience.

Before your file, take your or your employee or client’s transcripts and work experience to a credential evaluation agency for review. This agency must be experienced working with H1B visas and their RFEs, and have professors authorized to grant college credit for work experience on hand to write the credential evaluation. If the agency does not ask the visa or your client’s job, look elsewhere. You need to find an agency that understands the nuances of H1B visa requirements to get the results you need.

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