Changing from Player to Coach, Legal Analysis of EB-1a Extraordinary Talent Cases


Show Notes
02:08 - The example of my initial mistake in filing an EB-1 case for former coach and current athlete
03:00 - My recent EB-1 consultation with a client that was a former player and current coach
04:07 Basic Regulations for the EB-1a, E11 or EB-1c Extraordinary Talent Immigrant Visa Category
05:45 - Most recent AAO decisions about this issue
10:28 - Analysis and Tips for Filing Such EB-1 Cases
11:25 - 1) Creating an Exact Job Title for the Field of Acclaim and Talent
13:52 - 2) Showing Sustained Acclaim in the Field of Extraordinary Talent
14:48 - 3) Continuing in the field of expertise upon entering the U.S.
16:48 - Conclusion

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