Legal Analysis of USCIS Policy Memo Re L-1A Function Managers


Show Notes

01:40 - Introduction of case (Procedural History)
02:40 - Basic of an L-1A case its regulations
03:30 - Biggest issue L-1A cases have (Qualified U.S. Employment)
05:30 - The Function Manager
07:25 - Details of the Adopted Decision Case
08:30 - Why the case was originally denied (insufficient U.S. employees)
09:00 - Petitioner's claim that was approved by the U.S. (using foreign staff)
10:05 - Differentiation of this case from others (and pointers on helping a case)
14:20 - Hardest part of an L-1 Petition (explaining the job duties, and discussion of red flags)
16:20 - Discussion of what is considered an Essential Function (Here it was Market Development)
17:27 - How practitioners can use this Adopted Decision
19:50 - Effect on EB-1C Immigrant Visa Applications

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