As the H-1B Cap cases season is approaching we thought you might find the attached H-1B Wage Levels Salary Calculator useful.

This Faveo Paralegals Excel Sheet calculator (obtained here) enables you to simply enter hourly wage for the H-1B Position your client is considering, and our calculator will list the annual salaries under several employment full-time and part time options: (annual salary for: full time employment at 40 hrs per week, full time at 35 hrs per week, and part-time employment at: 30, 25, and 20 hrs per week).

We hope that you will find Faveo Paralegals H-1B Wage Levels Salary Calculator useful as we stand ready to assist you with H-1B Cap and/or other cases.

Reprinted with permission.

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Dino Palangic is the founder of Faveo Paralegals which provides per-case, flat-fee immigration paralegal services to law firms and in-house legal departments of corporations across the United States. They are U.S. based and available via email, phone, or Skype. Their staff previously worked for top U.S. national law firms and in-house departments of major Fortune 500 Corporations. Their paralegals adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards set for paralegals by the American Bar Association.

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