Whether The Senate’s EB5 Proposal Will Make The US Investor Immigration Program Less Competitive Relative To Other Countries Investment Immigration Program


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Gerald CipollaGerald Cipolla, Gerald has been practicing law since 2000. His experiences and personal relationships while living overseas in Europe and Asia instilled him a great passion for Immigration Law. Gerald studied and lived in many countries, including France and Sweden for part of his Juris Doctor degree, Finland for his MBA, and China for his Master’s degree in Law. His personal experiences, as well as his years of experience as an Immigration lawyer, enabled him to have an excellent understanding of what his client is going through and what it’s like to be an Ex Pat in a foreign country. Throughout Gerald’s professional career as a lawyer, he successfully represented many business owners to bring their skilled workers to the U.S., as well representing professional individuals to obtain their permanent resident status (green card status) in the U.S. Gerald’s legal background as an Immigration Attorney, combined with his diverse academic achievement with an MBA, Computer Science and Biological Sciences background enable him to competently handle complex and sophisticated Business and Employment based applications cases such as H1B visa, L1 visa and EB green cards as well as National interest waivers, Extraordinary ability green cards and Investor visas. Gerald routinely works with sophisticated scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and other skilled professionals and has successfully represented many clients in obtaining their green cards and visas. Gerald served as an Adjunct Law Professor in the City Colleges of Chicago, IL where he taught the law of Contract and Business Law. He is also an active member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Gerald is a strong advocate who loves working with people, listening to people, exploring and striving to deliver the best immigration solutions to their problems.

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