Canada - a hit among Immigrants

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Canada is one of the most sought after countries from Immigrants all over and there are a variety of reasons why Canada is such a hit among people who are interested in migrating. According to the data from a National Household Survey conducted in 2011, among the G8 Countries, Canada has the highest proportion of foreign-born population standing at 20.6% followed by Germany at 13% and the United States at 12.9%.

Between 2006 and 2011, a total of 1.2 million immigrants came to Canada with most of them settling in the big cities of the nation like Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. However, other cities like Edmonton, Saskatoon, Ottawa, Calgary, Winnipeg and Regina is also seeing a steady rise of immigrants. In the past 5 years, about 56.9% of the immigrants came from Asia and Middle East.

Cheaper study options

HSBC Canada has released an interesting data according to which, the study costs for Foreign Students is less in Canada than countries like the Australia, U.S and U.K.

A survey of student costs in 13 countries revealed that, among the top educational markets around the world, Canada is in the middle of the pack along with Russia, Germany, Hong Kong and Japan offering lower tuition fees.


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Depending on the fees for international students at top 10 colleges and universities, on an average, Canada’s tuition cost is $18,474.

Canada received a record 100,000 foreign students in 2013, a marked 60% raise from 2004, according to HSBC’s report.

Canadians' views on citizenship

A survey from Environics Institute suggests that most Canadians feel immigrants are just as inclined to be good citizens as Canadian-born people.

Environics Institute conducted the first ever poll that asked Canadians their views on Citizenship. According to this telephonic survey, Canadians appear to have no problems with dual citizenship or with Canadian citizens living abroad.

The public opinion poll that took the opinions of 2,000 Canadians about their views on questions about citizenship and the characteristics of a good citizen was made of 5 national organizations – the RBC Foundation, Maytree, the Institute for Canadian Citizenship, CBC and the Environics Institute.

The top 5 reasons about what makes a good citizen were: actively participating in the community, obeying laws, sharing or adopting Canadian values, being tolerant of others and helping other people.

According to the survey, Canadians have a broad & inclusive view of citizenship and they see immigrants as their equals as nearly 9 out of every 10 respondents admit that a person born outside Canada is as likely to be a good citizen as a Canadian-born.

Government has funded a number of programs that teach immigrants about Canadian values and the Canadian society has adapted its institutions to accommodate diversity. These programs are being conducted with the intention of Integration of immigrants.

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