Doug Stump - A Wasted Month in Office

by Kenneth Rinzler

Doug Stump became AILA's latest figurehead President on June 27, and is now in his sixth year as an AILA national officer. Let's have a look at how he has spent his first month in office since giving his "inspiring" installation speech, keeping in mind that it's not like he needed time to become familiar with these issues.

  • Has he taken advantage of the opportunity/good will offered to a new President after a contentious campaign and election to take any concrete action to resolve the MC bans of the two members who were allegedly banned for posting the self-publicized nickname of AILA's webmistress, but in reality were banned for embarrassing the organization? No.
  • Has he made any public effort to ensure that all members are disciplined equally when it comes to posting lies and ridiculous allegations on the MC? No.
  • Has he responded to questions about the "Transparency" Taskforce appointed by the previous President? No.
  • Has he indicated whether he favors polling the membership on advocacy? No.
  • Has he stated whether he thinks AILA should stop holding conferences overseas? No.
  • Has he made any effort to appoint rank and file members to positions, rather than relying on BOG members, chapter chairs, and other AILA incumbents? No.
  • Has he stated whether he thinks AILA should nominate more than one candidate for office? No.
  • Has he stated whether he will stop the pretense of AIC being an independent organization, heavily funded by AILA members' dues without their direct say? No.

So what HAS he done, you might ask? Well, he's posted to the leadership's vanity blog. That should count for something.

About The Author

Kenneth Rinzler is an immigration lawyer in Washington, DC, and a frequent visitor to consular posts, having now traveled to 40 countries. A graduate of Georgetown University and Seton Hall University School of Law, he is a member of the District of Columbia, Indiana, New Jersey, and U.S. Supreme Court Bars. In addition to authoring articles for the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), he has written on immigration law for the German American Chamber of Commerce. Before specializing in immigration law, he spent nearly ten years working as a legislative assistant and counsel to a U.S. Congressman, and thus has an intimate knowledge of Federal legislative and administrative procedures.

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