Angy Rivera - Undocumented Immigrant Activist FILM

by Mikaela Shwer

My name is Mikaela Shwer and I am writing because I want to present my film No le digas a nadie (Don’t Tell Anyone), which chronicles the life of undocumented immigrant activist Angy Rivera. My team and I have been following Angy and her community for a year and feel we have a unique and very important perspective on one of the most critical political issues of our time.

Two weeks ago we launched a crowdsourcing campaign on Seed&Spark and have raised close to $20,000 of our $35,000 goal. Seed&Spark is an all or nothing campaign, so if we don't reach our goal by August 9th, we will not receive a dime of what we raised. My hope in writing to you is that you will help us spread the word and ensure our fundraising effort is successful so we can tell this important story.

Angy came to this country with her mother at the age of three, fleeing violence and poverty in their native Colombia. Her story is one that bridges the parallel ordeal of being undocumented and sexually abused, an experience we have found to be endemic, haunting scores of undocumented women. We delve deeply into her world, with her as she dons a bullhorn at mass rallies, corresponds with hundreds of followers of Ask Angy, her online advice column for undocumented youths and shares intimate moments with her family and friends.

Our hope is for this film to put a human face to the toll inflicted on immigrants by a broken system. It is also to encourage compassion for Angy’s plight, to show that her hopes and dreams are part of the fabric of what we are as a country and to illustrate the tangibility of our shared heritage as immigrants.

My team and I are deeply invested in this project. I have taken the film as far as I can with personal funds, but we want to take it to the next level and for that, we need your help. If you could take three minutes to watch the following trailer link and, if you like what you see send it out into the world, we would be very grateful.

I have attached a One Sheet and images, if you require any further information please feel free to contact me at any time.

Thank you so much for your time,
Mikaela Shwer

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About The Authors

Mikaela Shwer is an award-winning editor and filmmaker. In 2008, while taking a year in Australia, she participated in a film competition on the ground at the Cannes Film Festival where she won for “Emerging Editor” for her film 100 Mountains as well as “Best Editing” at the Flake Film Festival. In her time back in New York, Mikaela has worked on numerous documentaries including the award-winning series Brick City and Call Me Kuchu, a feature documentary on LGBT rights in Uganda which has won numerous awards on the festival circuit since premiering at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2012. Recently, she has broadened her work to narrative television and film, working on the critically acclaimed comedy Louie, as well as maintaining her documentary roots working with Ric Burns and Steeplechase Films. She is now embarking on directing her first feature documentary film.

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