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by Greg Siskind

Goodlatte Expresses Willingness to Consider Path to Citizenship for Youths

Inch by inch, the House is moving closer to the Senate. Here's another example. Judiciary Committee Chairman Goodlatte is now indicating he would be interested in a path to citizenship for DREAMers. This is not exactly the shift that we've seen with folks like Jan Brewer, but it's still a healthy development. Next up, look for people to call for "regular" paths to citizenship instead of a "special" path (as opposed to no path). I mentioned a few months back that one approach the House could take would be to use existing family and employment-based categories to move people along to green cards. This would force people legalizing to get in the back of the line behind people currently waiting who have not had status issues. The key would be to provide for enough green cards so people didn't have multi-decade waits (which is what would happen if you didn't adjust the numbers). Then people currently in line would get their green cards faster but people getting legalized still had light at the end of the tunnel.

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