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by Roger Algase

Bloggings: George W. Bush Boosts Immigration Reform, While House Republicans Continue to Tear it Down: Mission Not Yet Accomplished by Roger Algase

George W. Bush, who tried but was unable to bring about immigration reform as president because of opposition in his own party, is now boosting CIR once again.

According to the Huffington Post: George W. Bush: Immigration Reform Making Progress In Congress, July 7, Bush told ABC's "This Week" that lawmakers are making "some progress" in fixing a "broken system". 

The former president also said: "Good policy yields good politics as far as I'm concerned."

However, just as in 2007, anti-immigrant Republicans are determined to do everything possible to sabotage reform. Despite the Senate's having passed a CIR bill (S.744) which would throw an additional $30 billion and 20,000 more border patrol agents at the Mexican border, this is not enough for House Republicans such as Raul Labrador (Idaho) and Mike McCaul (Texas), Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee.

See, Politico: Labrador: Do immigration security before legalization, July 7, and McCaul: Senate bill throws 'candy' at border, July 7.

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Despite the 2012 election, and the increasing reality of America's transition to a true multiracial, multicultural society, the Congressional Republican right wing is still trying to get by with the same old, worn out, "enforcement first" or "enforcement only" anti-Latino strategy that it first unveiled in the failed 2005 Sensenbrenner bill. H.R. 4437, which would have criminalized much of the immigration system.

This is not to say that there are no signs of progress toward immigration reform on the House side. Some House members are reportedly considering bills which would grant more visas to both high-skilled and low-skilled workers. Politico, Immigration bill's starts and stops, July 8.

But according to the same article, the House is also considering poison pills, such as giving state and local officials the power to enforce federal immigration laws. We all know what that means - at least Sheriff Joe Arpiao knows. 

The strategy among House Republicans seems to be to make immigration enforcement "triggers" even more impossible to achieve, and to put off permanent residence or citizenship for "provisionally legalized" immigrants even further off into the future, until the bill becomes entirely unworkable, liberals withdraw their support, or both. 

But do House Republicans seriously think that Latinos and other immigration supporters are too blind to see through this charade? Have they already forgotten the lesson of November 2012?

Rormer President Bush's support for CIR is welcome, but it is just a little too early to say: "Mission Accomplished".


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