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by Greg Siskind

Jeb Bush Latest to Push for Conventional Paths to Citizenship

The media is largely getting the story wrong and saying some of the more pro-immigration folks in the GOP are against a path to citizenship. Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida and the brother and son of two Presidents (and very possibly a candidate for the presidency in 2016) is the most recent Republican to speak out against a "special" path to citizenship. This is not the same thing as being against illegally present immigrants being able to eventually get citizenship. It means that we don't create a system that is easier and faster than that available to people currently in line. He has been telling reporters that the key is for people to apply through existing categories which then need to be expanded so there is a realistic chance to get a green card in a reasonable period of time.

IT Firm Indicted for Benching H-1B Employees

It's illegal to bring over H-1B workers and then only pay them as work for them becomes available. I don't know the specifics of this case, but as a general rule, we need to do more enforcing of existing law - as appears to be happening in this case - before we come up with more and more restrictions on both good faith and bad actor employers. As an aside, this type of practice really annoys me because I have employer clients that are genuinely desperate for certain types of highly skilled workers unavailable in the workforce (think rural communities with no doctors as a prime example) who end up holding the bag when the H-1B cap gets hit. There are some (mostly IT staffing company) employers who are hoarding H-1B visas and then either benching workers when they don't have enough work to keep them busy or simply using up H-1B numbers and then not bringing over the approved workers.

9th Cir. Blocks Day Laborer Provision in Arizona Immigration Law

Another major setback for Sheriff Joe and his sidekick Guv'nor Jan.

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