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by Greg Siskind

6 Obstacles that Could Thwart an Immigration Bill'

I'm optimistic about the odds of passing an immigration bill this year, but it pays to know the obstacles. A lot of pro-immigration folks are a little overconfident and need to know that getting to the finish line is going to require real work. Here's a good article from the National Journal that lists the areas of contention.

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    [[The first question that I'm sure you're asking is "What is good for America?"

    This is no easy question to answer but I have some thoughts.

    It is good if America can compete for the best and the brightest to man our workforce. It would be bad if the legalization of 12 million led to an influx of another 20 million and the loss of control over our borders. We all learned that lesson form the 1986 law. ]]

    I have a better idea of WHAT'S GOOD FOR NORTH AMERICA. It's called the Megamerge Dissolution Solution, a plan to dissolve the Mexican govt. and incorporate Mexico as 10 new U.S. states, allowing the border to come down and mass 2-way migration to develop the new 60-state U.S. as a single entity. All the Democrat-Republican bickering over the current border will become yesterday's news.

    It's too easy, and won't work? The entire plan has been thought out, and it works beautifully. There's only one place to learn about it:
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