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by Greg Siskind

Martinez Left Out One Subject

I have to say that it was hard not to like Susana Martinez's speech last night. She's charming, smart and its refreshing to hear a voice like hers in the WASPy GOP. The only other speech last night that probably was in the same league was Condoleeza Rice's.

But that subject that reportedly kept Romney from selecting Susana for the veep spot also was left out of the speech last night - she's pro-immigration and no doubt would embarrass Romney because she is the type of person who wouldn't tow the line and sign off on the nonsense espoused by the Romney/Kobach camp or the Republican Party platform. She didn't say a word about immigration policy last night most likely because every speech at the RNC has been vetted by the Romney camp.

One moment caught on television last night summed up the problem for the GOP. When Martinez uttered the phrase "En America, todo es posible" a female delegate on camera changed her smile to a scowl.

Ann Romney to Hispanics: Get Over It!

She essentially said they've been brainwashed by the Democrats and should vote pocketbook issues. No mention of any of the litany of horrifying anti-immigration rhetoric from her husband, the most anti-immigration party platform in years or the fact that her husband's much touted advisor on immigration is the notorious Kris K? Kobach.

Anti-Immigrant Group's New Strategy: Latinos Don't Vote So Go Ahead and Bash Away

The media has been reporting a great deal about how Republicans are in big trouble as minority voters are shifting more and more to the Democrats. That's made some of the grown ups in the GOP - people like Karl Rove and Jeb Bush - nervous. Fearing that moderates might start to gain some traction in arguing for the Republicans to move more to the center on immigration, the Center for Immigration Studies is releasing a report trying to convince the GOP to ignore the data - and common sense - and pretend that Hispanic voters really don't matter.

I'm not sure who wants the GOP to buy this more - the Center for Immigration Studies or the Democratic National Committee?

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