Bloggings on Deportation and Removal

by Matthew Kolken

Aug 20, 2012

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    I THINK IS IMPORTANT TO BE CAREFUL AND I GONNA TRY TO MAKE MY POINT WITH MY SPANGLISH : I have been reading many aticrles and tv programmes about this couple and everytime it is mentioned that the Australian one remained legal. Whether a foreign partner had the chance to remain legal or not (the possibilities to remain legal in the US depends on many factors such as nationality, if u have money for investments, profession, etc) SHOULDNT BE MENTIONED AS A POSITIVE QUALITY that gives that particular couple points towards being aknowledged!!Giving that much importance to the legal status of people (that might had remained ilegal just to be with her-his spouse or partner) is wrong because in the future it might be used against couples as an excuse to continue to discriminate. PLease stop doing that!!!
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