USCIS Jurisdiction for Unaccompanied Alien Children (UACS)


21 pages, “2019 Procedures for Determining USCIS Jurisdiction for Unaccompanied Alien children (UACs) were released recently by the Asylum HQ Quality Assurance Branch. They are published on the Asylum Officer Materials page of the Louise Trauma Center website, as “UACs June 2019.” []


“PRL” refers to those UACs who are currently in § 240 removal proceedings in Immigration court Page5

“PRL is the special group code entered by the Nebraska Service Center in Global at the time of the I-589 receipt.” Page 5

See “Memorandum, May 31, 2019, Updated Procedures for Asylum Applications Filed by Unaccompanied Alien Children” page 7

The Asylum Officer shall determine whether the applicant was a UAC at the time the I-589 was first filed (either with USCIS or EOIR)..” page 11, underlining in original]

-if a parent or legal guardian was in the US at the time of filing, was that person “unavailable to provide care and physical custody at that time”? page 13

-the Asylum Officer writes the Assessment, and “enters the final decision in Global.” page 14

“if USCIS is the first federal entity to determine that the applicant is a UAC, the Asylum Office is required to notify HHS that it has ‘discovered’ a UAC…” page 17

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