Customs and Border Protection 'CBP': FOIA Training Materials Given To USCIS Processors


US-CIS recently released 61 pages of its training materials, dated March 11, 2020, on the Customs and Border Protection, given to its FOIA processors. The pages are posted on the “FOIA” page of the Louise Trauma Center and are labeled “CBP Training 3-11-20.”

Some excerpts:

Common CBP Titles, such as Supervisory Immigration Inspector (SII) [Page 6 of 61]

Rio Grande Valley Sector [Page 11 of 61]

Customs Fugitive Report [Page 16 of 61]

Form (Information for Travel Document] [Page 17 of 61]

Unaccompanied Alien Child Initial Placement Referral form [Page 22 of 61]

CBP Form 93 UAC Screening Addendum [Page 24 of 61]

SEACATS S/A/S Short/Long Summary

(Seized Assets and Case Tracking System) [Page 30 of 61]

Form I-259 (Notice to Detain, Remove, or Present Alien) [Page 35 of 61]

Field Information Report [Page 42 of 61]

LRTPC Detainee Field Interview Sheet [Page 50 of 61]

Automated Targeting System (ATS) [Page 52 of 61]

ATS-P (Passenger)

This is an electronic print out of a I-94 [Page 57 of 61]

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