Comment: A Whole New EB5 World

Regs are real

· All current exemplars expire on November 21st. All current TEA designations expire on November 21st

· Due to above, 95% of projects currently in market will be gone on November 21st. Rural EB5 projects will dominate the EB5 market after November 21st, and may be the ONLY projects in the market after November 21st

· Litigation against Regs has no realistic chance for success. Congress will not get to DHS appropriations bill (where EB5 language could be considered) until early 2020

· Conclusion from above: EB5 industry has to live with the new Regs until Congress is ready to consider remedies (perhaps in 2022 or later)

Reality of projects today

· Every project is reporting palpable and substantive interest from throughout the world, with most reporting multiple incoming wires at a brisk pace. Projects which were struggling to get investors in the first half of 2019 are suddenly within striking distance of completing raises due to recent wires received. Many new projects are being readied for the market, and will hit the market in September

· The biggest surge is from India, with India retrogression likely to cross 10 years after the surge is over, causing the overseas Indian EB5 market to be gone after November 21st for a decade or more, until the Indian economy grows much bigger (India is still a poor country, China is not). There is a large surge from China, which will likely make China retrogression 25 years or worse – so those taking on Chinese infants as investors today may be setting themselves up for prolonged litigation (DOS long term projections for China are underestimates). With surges in investment currently from Taiwan, Brazil and Korea, all 3 countries may retrogress after November 21st

· Increase from $500k to $900k will NOT immediately result in decrease in EB5 backlogs, since the existing investors as of November 21st will have to go through the 10,000 annual visa bottleneck first, before backlogs can be reduced. Presuming investment craters 90% after November 21 st, backlogs will begin to come down after 5 years for Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan and Brazil, after 10 years for India, and after 15 years for China. So the EB5 market will recover in a decade, but expecting immediate relief due to increase in investment amount is not realistic

· Therefore, 90% of the EB5 securities distribution network will be knocked out after November 21st, and with it, almost all of the relationships built within the EB5 industry over a decade will be gone. It is difficult to say what the new EB5 market will look like after November 21st – our guess is that (i) the market will be down 90% for the first year or more; (ii) only rural projects will get traction; and (iii) new nations (Thailand??) will be the hot locations

· Conclusion from above: Make hay while the sun shines – Projects (except rural projects) would be wise to put all their eggs in the pre-November 21 st basket, and suspend all other activities now and focus solely on getting as much investment as possible before the curtain comes down on November 21st

Reality of investors today

· During August 2019, ILW conducted 12 events in USA, and 13 events in India. The attitude of investors has dramatically changed – most attendees seem to be of the view: “I HAVE to make a decision NOW – not making a decision today IS a decision” (panic crowds have not yet materialized, the quantity of investors at our events is about the same as before the Reg). In consequence of the above, decision making time for investors at our events has shrunk from months to weeks

Projects would be well advised to consider our direct-to-investor events in India and USA in September, still leaving enough time for Source of Funds to be completed for filing before November 19th.

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Focus: ILW EB5 Expos in September U.S. and India




Aug 5

Seattle, WA


Sept 3

Seattle, WA


Aug 6

San Jose, CA

Sept 4

Portland, OR

Aug 7

Los Angeles, CA

Sept 5

San Jose, CA

Aug 8

Phoenix, AZ

Sept 6

San Diego, CA



Aug 13

Boston, MA


Sept 11

Boston, MA

2 Seats Available

Aug 14

Philadelphia, PA

Sept 12

NYC Metro Area

Aug 15

Washington DC

Sept 13

Raleigh, NC

Aug 16

Atlanta, GA

Sept 14

Atlanta, GA



Aug 21

Detroit, MI


Sept 19

Detroit, MI

Seats Available

Aug 22

Chicago, IL

Sept 20

Minneapolis, MN

Aug 23

Dallas, TX

Sept 21

Dallas, TX

Aug 24

Houston, TX

Sept 22

Austin, TX



Aug 12 & Aug 13



Aug 14 & Aug 16


Aug 17 & Aug 18


Aug 19 & Aug 20



Aug 25 & Aug 26



Aug 27 & Aug 28


Aug 29 & Aug 30


Aug 31 & Sept 1



Sept 6 & Sept 7



Sept 8 & Sept 9


Sept 10 & Sept 11


Sept 12 & Sept 13



Sept 18 & 19


2 Seats Available

Sept 20 & 21


Sept 22 & 23


Sept 24 & 25



There is an intense interest from Indians on H1B to invest in EB5 before November 21st, with the publication of the new EB5 rule raising investment amounts.

In the last 19 months, ILW has conducted 70+ H1B to EB5 expos in 17 cities across U.S., over 2480+ attendees, 90% are Indian H1Bs.

In August and September, we are launching 24 expos in 16 cities. So far, 17 expos have been completely SOLD OUT. Check out the highlights of our H1B to EB5 Expos across the U.S.:

ILW EB5 Expos U.S. EAST August 13 - 16

ILW EB5 Expos U.S. CENTRAL August 21-24

ILW EB5 Expos U.S. WEST August 5-8


  • Half Day Event for Indian H-1Bs considering EB-5 Option (Speaking Opportunity included) Please bring brochures, PowerPoint presentation, table displays and business cards.
  • Special Note for Attorneys: This event will feature two immigration attorney panels solely on immigration law matters. The only way an immigration attorney can participate and speak at this event is if they are nominated by an issuer who is exhibiting at the event (there is no fee charged to immigration attorneys).


Our first round of 24 India expos have been completely sold out.

The New Southern India events are coming!First Come, First Served. Participation Limited to 4 Projects/ Regional Centers per City

  • India is the #1 EB5 Country, larger than the rest of the world combined, including China
  • India is currently the world's fastest growing major economy, it is growing faster than China, the number of new millionaires created each year in India is more than China
  • We will quickly put you in front of investors and agents to present your project to. Our expos will flood you with many prospects in a short time
  • Expo featuring seminar and exhibition; Mini meetings with investors and agents
  • Please bring brochures, PowerPoint presentation, table displays and business cards
  • Special Note for Attorneys: The only way an immigration attorney can participate and speak at this event is if they are nominated by the issuer exhibiting at the custom expo. (there is no fee charged to immigration attorneys).


EB-5 Issuers - Discounts still available if you act now


phone: +1 212-545-0818
or click here .

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