Comment: Deception by DOS

We have argued previously that DOS projections are based on bad data and bad methods. See here and here . The most dramatic example of the consequences of serious limitations of DOS projection data/methodology is Visagate in 2007, which affected hundreds of thousands of immigrants.

The EB5 Industry will soon make a case to Congress for additional numbers for EB-5 visas. To do so, the industry will likely use recent DOS projections. These projections may be read into the Congressional Record, and Congress may ask DOS officials to testify on the numbers under penalty of perjury. Numbers from DOS affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals--it is only fair that those making the projections be ready to stand behind them under penalty of perjury, and fully defend their methodology to Congress.

DOS's current disclaimers are woefully inadequate, because they do not identify the limits of USCIS data, and attempt to paper over the problems with the data by using terms such as "DOS estimates". Any estimate is only as good as the data it is based on, and not identifying the unreliability of the data one is basing one's estimates on is disingenuous. An example of the methodological problem with DOS projections is that DOS assumes that the demand from the rest of the world remains constant. If demand in second tier EB5 countries like Brazil, Korea and Taiwan were to double in the next two years, the waiting time for Chinese investors would skyrocket from 16.5 years to perhaps 25 years. As demand from rest of the world is a material factor shaping waiting times, simply a disclaimer stating that it is not accounted for in order to simplify DOS's calculations gives DOS's projections a deceptive sense of accuracy. Doing projections under such circumstances requires complex mathematical tools like Monte Carlo simulations, application of Game theory, and the results would be in form of alternate scenarios rather than a single number. DOS has no business suggesting pin-point accuracy and then hiding behind disclaimers, which disclaimers are deceptive, since pin-point accuracy is not methodologically possible.

The entire US immigration system is grinding to a halt as is evidenced by estimated wait times of perhaps 125 years for FB4 for Philippines, perhaps 150 years for EB2 in India and perhaps 25 years for EB5 in China. There is nothing special about EB5 in China grinding to a halt. Let us not compound the already existing problem of long waiting times by adding a layer of deceptive official projections by DOS.

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