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Thread: Asylum

  1. #1
    can i file for asylum if i have worked illegally

  2. #2
    can i file for asylum if i have worked illegally

  3. #3
    Give us more details.

  4. #4
    You can apply for Asylum no matter what!

  5. #5
    If you have been in the U.S. for over a year, you are ineligible to apply for asylum, unless you qualify for an exception to the 1 year filing deadline.

  6. #6
    i have been here for 8 years illegally, entered legally with F1 visa, i recently joined opposition movement in my country, and now election have just been held and government used fraud, and is killing our opposition group, oppostion leader has declared war, and has feld too, that is my basis for asylum

  7. #7
    Give me a break. How can you be in a movement in your country when you have been here illegally for the past 8 years?

    I do not know the laws but I think you should find another country or find another way to become legal.

    Please do not ruin the chances of people who really need asylum by manipulating the laws for your selfish gain, especially since you were knowingly here illegally.

    Talk to a lawyer.

  8. #8
    Well well well ..This is just like hearing someone say < i dont eat pork meat but i eat pork soup > Dude just doesnt make sense.
    How in the hell can you join a political movement of oposition while you have lived in this country and never went out to phisically being a part of that group and on top of that now you want to apply for assylum? Dude they will take your application and slap u in the face with it .Man assylum doesnt work this way . Bottom line is NO YOU CANT APPLY .
    Unless you go tell them or put on your forms that you entered illegally without inspection and change that name of yours and just forget it it cant work . 8 years boy Nah!!!!
    Marry a Us citizen better and easy Okay?
    Good luck

  9. #9
    The more I read these boards the more I am amazed at how you people are all trying one trick or another to take advantage of this country. Thank God Americans are finally waking up to the fact that our lax enforcement has let in millions of criminals. Just showing other people the things written here has been enough to get a lot of people behind being much harder on illegals. Maybe in a few years we will be rid of many of you and have our country back again.

  10. #10
    Do not judge all the emmigrants in the same way, people are not all the same,no where in the world.
    This country is and it will be great,because there will vever be to meny racist people like you .I hope god forgives you.

    Thank you.

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