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Thread: Sammy, Happy Belated Birthday!

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    Hope you had a great birthday and have many more!

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    Hope you had a great birthday and have many more!

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    Still Learning and KIAVAKLIDA:

    Thank you for your wishing. Do you know what gift I got on my birhtday from God? LOVEEEEEEE. I've fallen in love with someone special in my life just a few days ago. Do you ever heard the Alica Keye's song, "falling in love in and out....." It's like a deja-vu all over again. I've spent years in analyzing women. And still can't figure out what they want in a relationship even though I've pretty much good ideas. I just had a dream last night on this thoughts wherein "A guy was walking along the beach in Malibu when he found a lamp half-hidden in the sand. He picked it up, gave it a rub. Out popped a genie. The genie looked hom over and said,"You're my third master this week. I'm giving you only one wish." The guy said,"I've always wanted to go to Hawaii, but I'm afraid to fly. Could you build me a highway so I can drive there?" The genie frowned."A highway across 3,000 miles of ocean? Hey, buddy, I'm a good genie, but not that good. Gimme another wish." So the guy said, "Okay, just tell me something, then. I've always wanted to know: what do women want in a relationship" Can you answer that?" The genie looked out at the ocean. Then he turned and asked, "You want two lanes or four?"

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    Will your new state of being love-smitten affect your sanity and ability to offer advice on the matters that bring us to this site or is your sanity compromised?

  6. #6
    Sammy, good luck in your relationship! I love that song by Alicia Keyes. Being in love is a scary thing but because of what it is it helps you overcome any fear, don't you think?

  7. #7
    Happy B-day! Sammy. I am glad you are back to this board. We all need you here. Good luck with your new relationship. =)

  8. #8
    Josto, I wasn't going to ask him that. I was hoping for the best.

  9. #9
    Happy Birthday, Sammy! Glad you are back and LOL on the genie joke

  10. #10
    Happy Birthday Sammy and may all your wishes come true

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