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Thread: F1-Student marrying a GC holder

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    I am a green card holder and my fiancé is F-1 status and would finish his school in July 2002. We are planning to get married. Would getting married here in U.S. be in any way helpful when we apply for his green card based on our marriage?

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    It won't help much. I'm in the same situation, my spouse is an LPR (green card holder). You can only file an I-130 petiton, but can't get a permission to work here. Your spouse needs to maintain an independent legal status or go back to her/his home country until you become a citizen eventualy.

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    If you get married before his F-1 runs out, I believe he can legally stay here on AOS. And he can start looking for a job and if a company is willing to sponsor him for H-1 then he can work. I'm sure the important thing is for you to stay togther here. And get married here is the way to go.

    If he leaves US, he'd end up waiting for years before the priority date and I-130 is processed, which mean he has no way to come to the US during the waiting. It takes as long doing AOS in the US, but he can remain legally and may change to H-1 status if he finds an employer who's willing to sponsor.

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    what does AOS means? If F1 runs out after the marriage here will that person be allowed to travel?
    If not how long he will not be able to leave the country?
    And how long it would take him to get a GC?

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