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Thread: Waiver for Fraud and Mispresentation

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    Here is the latest BIA precedent on 241 (f) waiver for Fraud or Mispresentation. I have read several of the previously cases and came away with the conclusion that Immigration Marriage Fraud can be waived when the alien has procured the benefits of legal status to enter the U.S.

    U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeal April 19, 2010
    Vasquez v. Holder 2010 U.S. App

    Manalo v Ashcroft 2001

    Gawaran v INS

    Tijam v INS

    Now lets discuss where the Act passed by Congress 1986 Immigration Marriage Fraud Act is still in force.

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    and why do we want to waive such an ineligibility for some piece of lowlife ambercrumbly????

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