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Thread: Rock'm Sock'm DEBATE Forum 4 All Inappropriate Discourse KNOCK YOURSELVES OUT

  1. #11
    Im am so fed up with this b u l l have a nice day

  2. #12
    How on earth you gonna denaturalized a US born USC? Can't exactly force them to reenter the womb and carry the mother outside the US

    Irritated, feel free to keep the bone to yourself, unless its a T-bone steak

  3. #13
    I know I didn't just read a post where you brought up color. I can't remember if I'm supposed to be reading that thread or not. Hm.

  4. #14
    I wonder if breast augmentation would be considered a form of denaturalization?


    I guess ldriss didn't care too much for polls??


    I have a bone to pick with you.

  5. #15
    I don't think this is the proper thread for Idrissa. Maybe she is anti polls?

  6. #16
    Pasha, Irri and 4now are bettin' on the "fill in the blank" words, or ones that are bleeped. Is that what was confusing?

  7. #17
    Yeah still...

    thanks It just didnt come in my mind...thanks for explaining that

  8. #18
    someone give me a hug.

    -= nav =-

  9. #19

    I sent at a APB for Melanie to send you a "hug" vicariously thru .jpg

    So I can only offer u kisses <> <> <>

    feel better now

  10. #20
    i hope you're a girl.

    if so -- yeah.

    i like women. they're fun to do stuff to.

    -= nav =-

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