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Thread: Rock'm Sock'm DEBATE Forum 4 All Inappropriate Discourse KNOCK YOURSELVES OUT

  1. #1
    Just thought this might be an arena.. oops I mean area for people to hash out their issues personal or otherwise so that Pertinent immigration questions dont get muddled. If a thread starts getting discombluberated, just move the issue over to this one and keep the original thread real. Whatcha think

    Gloves can be rented from the ILW Police. As yu know we have several divisions. Check which will be approriate for your discussion.

  2. #2
    yeah I'll start.........f-u-c-k o-f-f swissnut!!!!!!!!

  3. #3
    Brilliant move I thought of starting a poll for opinions on being anti anti USC or anti Alien but this is better and it will keep from bring old thread back up repeatedly and possibly losing some good info that is on it. Sammy would be pleased.

  4. #4
    Gloves? we need no stinkin gloves, heavy artilery is more fun
    And there won't be any need for medical assistance nor burial cost, just instant incineration

  5. #5
    Wow... 4now

    I saw you first time making some post's a great idea where people can say anything they want but immigration ... well what should I tell? Let me think... I will catch ya tonight...

  6. #6
    Let's discuss how to de-naturalize someone. Can I file an I-CUL8ER?

  7. #7

    That will be great ...but wait first I got to naturalize myself before going for that option ... why dont we put a condition that people who want to post anything on this board must be denaturalized ....and thats the condition ... we might over come lot of hurdles that way if you know what i mean

  8. #8

  9. #9
    Just throw marmaduk a bone. He'll be fine. Right now he's in the dog house. Yuk, yuk.

  10. #10
    Ut oh, I feel a poll coming on, ya'll sound anti naturalized!!!

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