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Thread: denied cancellation of removal!!!

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    SIR, may I respond to confirm that your attorney's recommendation is on target. The time it takes to appeal is quite long, could be more than two years as the immigration courts are incredibly backlogged.
    Follow the advice of your attorney. He/She is commuted and earns ever cent you may pay for , time, experience, knowledge and ability.

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    Ask your lawyer but I would say you need a good psychological report from a mental health professional fully documenting all the hardship to your son and any other qualifying relatives you may have. I write reports like this all the time - there is always some hardship to find because you cannot uproot people with its causing severe trauma, it's just a question of describing the trauma very well. I have a nationwide practice writing psychological reports in such cases. If your lawyer thinks a report would help you, feel free to contact me at My website is Thank you and good luck! Phyllis Gould (P.S. I have done many reports where the person was initially denied and then won with a good report)

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