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Thread: Boycott Of Arizona: Fail!

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    I wonder if Fed86 bothered to read the news piece off (well?) from start to finish. Please do before you jump up and down. The headline doesn't always tell you all what the news is about. But anyway, that's typical among GOPs. Learn little, shout out loud!

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    RN is an illiterate. The boycott failed. Or, for her, girlcott! LOL.

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    The boycott sting would be felt in the long term. It's going to be a long painful process, not an event. Your same news had this, and I quote:

    "The Greater Phoenix Economic Council and Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce have launched a new website to build opposition to the boycotts. The site, "Stop AZ Boycotts," features video testimonials from Arizona workers about how the boycotts have negatively affected their livelihoods.

    In one, a waitress at The Arizona Center said canceled conventions have cut her earnings in half.

    Taylor said that despite the recent hotel data, the boycotts could hurt Arizona's image to the point that it's "no longer a destination that is on people's radar screen."

    He said part of the problem is that the backlash contributes to instability in the local economy. "It's not exactly an economic development plan," he said."

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