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Thread: Medical Exam

  1. #1
    Hi, I have a quick question...

    On the medical exam, do they test for drugs?

  2. #2
    Hi, I have a quick question...

    On the medical exam, do they test for drugs?

  3. #3
    Medical Examination is a physical exam. They also take blood for testing. If some vaccinations are needed they will give you vaccinations also. If on blood testing it comes out that the person is using drugs, the Doctor must right it down on the Medical Certificate and it can sure create problems.
    Good luck.

  4. #4
    Wrong Umesh. The sample blood taken will not be tested for drugs. Furthermore, you should have known that drug tests first and foremost involve urine and/or hair samples, not blood ones.

  5. #5
    To Well, well, well,

    Please, why do you have to point out that someone is wrong if that is so? Why can't you just post what knowledge you have to offer and just leave it at that.

    Everyone that posts here do it to help others to the best of their knowledge whether it be right or wrong. Please, just respect that and then post on what you know.

    Thanks, it really would be greatly appreciated.

    God Bless!

    To Umesh,

    Please don't be discouraged. We really do appreciate your time and suggestions you put into this board.

    God Bless You Always, My Friend!

  6. #6
    To Well Well Well:
    May be you are right my friend. I do not use drugs nor any of my friends. May be you have more knowledge about that. I just had heard that if somebody is drunk they check blood-alcohol level.
    In case you have some information, I would appreciate if you will share that with us on this board.
    Good luck and God bless you.

  7. #7
    stop figthing...

    Thanks for your help.

  8. #8
    deport illegal aliens

  9. #9
    Yes stop fighting...and guest stop barking

  10. #10
    It's tested for HIV, STD's and communicable diseases. If it was tested for drugs it's seems quit a few people would fail the test considering the number of times that question has been asked on various Immigration boards. Just Say No - LOL

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