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Thread: Perm Program

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    Hello ! Someone know when perm program will be effective ?

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    Hello ! Someone know when perm program will be effective ?

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    PERM regulations have not yet been published in Federal Register but it is expected to be in force from May, 2003.
    Good luck.

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    03/15/03: PERM Launch Date Expected to be Pushed Off to Fall This Year

    Various local DOL sources and AILA previously indicated that the PERM final or interim regulation would be published in April, 2003 with the effective date of July 2003. However, the latest news as released through the AILA-DOL teleconference indicates that there may be some adjustment of timing for both of these dates. The sources indicate that the regulation is expected between April and July of 2003 rather than April and the actual launch of PERM labor certification process will not start probably until the fall of this year rather than the summer. It is unknown at this time what changes we will see in the final or interim regulation. The proposed regulation includes a number of controversial provisions and has faced a massive number of comments, which eventualy resulted in the delay of finalization of the new PERM launching schedule. The new lanunching schedule also coincides with the DOL FY 2004 budget that will increase the labor certification backlog funding from $5 million to $55 million as we reported earlier. The budget noted that the backlog reduction funding will focus on the launch of PERM labor certification program and funding of state agencies (mostly 10 big states) for clearance of pending backlog cases at the state agencies which the state agencies would have received before the starting date of the new PERM labor certification process. As people know, once the PERM program starts, the state agencies will be phased out of the "permanent" labor certification process other than the wage determination, "except" that they will finish up the pending cases within the FY 2004. The state agencies will also continue their work for "temporary" labor certification application for H-2A and H-2B nonimmigrant visas without being affected by the PERM program.

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