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Thread: Good news

  1. #1
    At Least 4,000 Killed in Iranian Earthquake
    Devastation Reported in Ancient City; Death Toll Expected to Climb
    By Parisa Hafezi, Reuters

    TEHRAN (Dec. 26) -- A powerful earthquake struck the ancient Silk Road city of Bam in southeastern Iran on Friday, killing at least 4,000 people and injuring some 30,000 others, state television said.

    Thank God !

  2. #2

    So far I never took ur posts seriously and just as humor but this is something really sickening and pathetic ... you get happy when people die in earthquake????????????
    You need treatment buddy before it gets too late....Take care....Pasha

  3. #3
    That is very upsetting. Have you no feelings?
    What? The gift for the 17 year old girlfriend did not get you a rise out of people and now you are trying to get your attention this way?
    You are a psycho.

  4. #4
    These people are our enemies. They want every American dead. If you consider yourself a true American you would be rejoicing.

  5. #5
    michael im a USC and your post is very disturbing to rejoice when people are killed is very sad. i dont care if they are friends or foes noone should rejoice that lives are taken. get therapy Michael you need it seriously

  6. #6
    Israel not Iran is American enemy. The Jews steal our money and send our soldiers to die in Iraq. 45bilions dollars a year to support an Israeli terrorist state. Israel and the Jews makes destabilization of the whole Middle East region. Bush listenes to American-Jewish lobby and kills American soles in Iraq.

    Stop support for Israel and Jews!
    Israel possesses nuclear, biological and chemical wepeans of mass distraction and refuses to admit UN inspectors.
    Occupy Israel and bring peace to palestine.
    Throw out Jews from US.

  7. #7
    Michael is an example of a stupid American. He thinks exactly what Jewish propaganda says in Jewish occupied mass-media. While Europe considers iran a friend USA ruled by Jews teaches Americans to hate Arabic states even though it is in American interest to have Arabic allies and reverse alliances and make Israeli state and the Jews an American enemy.
    Michael is either a Jewish hater or an example of stupid American idiot who instead of brain has a pop-corn.

  8. #8
    Its a sad day in Iran - may they recover from this natural disaster.

    Now, Michael.

    I think you are not American, Americans dont feel that way about a tragedy like that. You are a Jew - and you got away from Hitler. He was evil, and you should have been a historical statistic... Since you got away, be grateful, and be nice.

  9. #9

    I can't imagine how a human kind can have such feelings except for people like Hitlor.

    I hope you will not be forgiven by your own self and you'll regreat terribly for having such a feeling and daring to post here.

    I am absolutely certain that your intention here is to misrepresent American feelings and develop hatred against American. I am sure you are not an American.

    I am extremely saddened by the event in Iran.It's time for Americans and everybody to help the Iranians. They are our brothers/sisters.

  10. #10
    Good Ol' Michael,

    It is true that you can express yourself, but this board is made up of immigrants who seeks help and the best thing you can do is post hate messages? Show compassion.
    You say they hate Americans? you're going as low as they go then and therefore you're no better morally. An American is not mean, shallow and stupid so if you say you're an American start acting like one and get a grip on reality before someone someday slap you back into reality.

    This post should be removed !

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