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Thread: EAD info - PLEASE HELP!!!

  1. #1

    I applied for my EAD card on April 30 and still have not heard anything from BCIS. I have two question -

    1. Its been 85 days since I applied, how much more time will it take?

    2. How long does it take to get the iterim EAD ( I mean does BCIS give it the same day you request one)?

    Please advice!!

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    It depends on where you applied. You can check the processing time at local offices on If you are waiting longer than what it says, you can contact BCIS 1-800 number to find out.

  3. #3
    After 90 days if still no card, go to your local BCIS with your EAD notice receipt. They will give you temporary EAD on that day.

  4. #4
    I received the notice of action on May 1. I applied with the Vermont Service Center.

    1. According to my calculation I can go on July 29th. Is that correct?
    May 1 - 31 : 31 Days
    June 1 - 30 : 30 Days
    July 1 - 29: 29 Days
    Total : 90 Days

    2. Can I go to the office in New York City? (What time should I go) ?

    Thanks for all your help, appreciate it!!!

  5. #5
    Kiran have you ever get any RFE? Because if you do it will hold your EAD approval until your EAD approved.

    Call BCIS center 1800 number and ask whether you can go to the that local BCIS.

  6. #6
    Sorry correction...'until your RFE approved' not EAD.

  7. #7
    Kiran - If you plan to go to NYC for your EAD you have to get there VERY early. People start lining up the night before between 11pm - 2am and "camp" out all night. It seems that NYC issues only 100 EAD's each day without an appointment, but you must have your yellow receipt with you or evidence that your checks have been cashed. When you arrive at the office go down the line and ask who is there for an EAD and make sure that you are one of the first 100 people in line applying for an EAD that/following day. I have heard that EAD applicants make a list each night to keep an accurate count. I haven't been myself yet, but plan to go at the end of August and expect the spend the whole night there waiting for the office to open at 7:30am.

  8. #8
    I'm posting an example I found on another immigration help site, I have found similar experiences elsewhere too.

    "I just completed my trip to the inhumane society.. err I mean to NYC
    local BCIS office, with the wife, for her EAD. SO here goes the short
    and long story(all in one ofcourse).

    We arrived at the 26 Federal Plaza at Monday night(around 11:30pm),
    and to my surprise we were number 64 in line to pickup the EAD card.
    People had literally brought there camping gear with them, to sleep in
    and to stay warm in. Anyways, the night turned out to be unusually
    cool for the month of July, so it was an adventure trying to sleep and
    to stay warm.

    Anyways, being number 64, we were debating whether to leave or stay,
    when a couple of people mentioned that NYC now allows 100 people a day
    to pickup there EAD. People were signing their names on a list, so as
    to help prevent anyone from cutting into the lines, but no use.

    Come morning, everyone was horrified to see that people were cutting
    ahead in the lines, and nobody was stopping them. GO figure!!! So we
    spoke with security guards and gave them the signed list, but they did
    not even look through it. Just plain weird. They did however pull
    people out of the line(when others in line complained), but I figure
    by the time we entered the building, we were probably number 74.

    While standing in line to enter the building, the guards asked us to
    show them the yellow receipt to prove "over 90 days" wait, and then
    they gave us a blue ticket. This ticket is almost like a raffle
    ticket. So after entering the building, we were directed to Room
    102(1st floor), where we showed our yellow receipt, her passport and
    our marriage certificate(Original). We were given an Orangish Form, a
    Brand New EAD application(and asked to fill it out), and then directed
    to Room 900(on 9th Floor).

    Next, we race to the 9th floor, and hand in our application. Guy at
    the counter wanted to see the yellow receipt(for proof of payment) and
    said you will have to wait anywhere from 4-6 hours to a decision on
    your EAD. Next came the "Power hungry Security Guard". No eating,
    drinking, or Sleeping in this room. I swear she was shrieking.
    Anyways, then there was another announcement, from this black lady
    saying that she will the only one working on the "EAD same day
    walk-in" applications, so to be patient.

    At this point, we went to the cafeteria, and ate our breakfast, and
    drank some coffee. Relaxed for a while and went backup to the room. So
    this Room900 basically process three different types of applications
    for EAD. People who are renewing there EAD(and had appointment),
    people who were there for there first EAD card(and had appointment)
    and People who were over 90 day wait time. People from the first two
    categories kept on getting called all day long, and we waited.

    Some of us, who were in line, just sat and waited and thought about
    how fruitless it was to wait in line(all night long), just so that
    people could cut in front of us. Then again, as long as we get our
    EAD.. it will all be worth it. And some of started to fall asleep,
    when I heard the shrieking voice again. NO SLEEPINGGGGGG. Wake up.
    What if there was a fire, and you slept through it(she says), and we
    are all looking at her wondering why she is on a power trip. So my
    wife decides to take a drink of water, to stay awake and boom!!! NO
    DRINKING. What part of no drinking did you not understand, take your
    drink outside and check it out. My wife and I look at each other
    puzzled and then at the security guard.. She shrieks again. So my
    wife went outside, and threw the bottle away.

    And we waited and waited, and about 2:30PM, my wife got called to pick
    up her card, and we were happy happy, joy joy. Best part of the EAD,
    we were called, even before any of the line cutters got called.

    SO here is suggestion time:

    Take your CAR. You can park on the street at night, till 7AM. Bring
    your chairs(which they will not let you take inside of the building),
    and your comforters. Nights on the city sidewalk are quiet cool. Try
    not to bring any sleep-in beds, as there ANTS roaming around. At
    around 6AM, move your chairs and comforter into the car, and then park
    your car in the Parking garage(which charges about 30 bucks for 24
    hours), and is right next to the Federal Plaza. McD's will let you use
    the toilet as well(well as long as they are open), and you can try
    Kinkos(during night time)".

  9. #9
    GuestW, thanks for the posting for NYC BCIS office, I appreciate it!!

    Also I am eligible for interim EAD on the 90th day or the 91st day?

    Also do they consider the receipt date or the notice date - when they count 90 days?


  10. #10
    i went to NYC office last night at 11"30pm. There were 33 people in front of me. There is a list for you to sign your name in. I slept on the sidewalk until 6 am. At that time, the line is about 200 people. Went in there, hand in paper and waited. I got called at 11"30. Got pick taken and got my EAD card 5' later.
    Wow. it took 12 hours to get EAD...not bad at all. And in the EAD card, it has your Alien number....
    Bring your yellow receipt, passport, driver license, marriage license...all actual paper, not copy.
    good luck

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