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Thread: Its Saturday night, who's ready to party?

  1. #1
    Well were all waiting to hear from any of you guys, Where are you?

  2. #2
    They are out having a real party. its Satur nite. Im only in coz weather is getting bad.

    What r u doing up. whats getting into u lately.. staying up late, laughing and paryting??? lol

  3. #3
    4now, we're in a yahoo room, come join us

    look for tennessealady

  4. #4
    hey guys ... what is the name of that chat room?

  5. #5
    come over and send inst message to swissnut2000 shes air traffic controller

  6. #6

  7. #7
    Just came back from NAMM (

    met george lynch, steve vai, paul stanley, kerry king, mark tremonti, dave mustaine, micheal anthony, slash, duff mckagan, nuno bettuncourt, tom aray, mark tremonti, disturbed, static x, darron malakovian, murderdolls, etc. etc. etc.!

    i'm totally beat.

    -= nav =-

  8. #8
    Saturday night is going out night here with the lads and lasses although it is very cold. How y'all been?

  9. #9

    We were all onlin last night on yahoo.. but everyone is sleeping ti off this morning, except me im in the office right now

  10. #10
    I was there early, but got booted and could never get back online.

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