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Thread: visitor visa

  1. #1
    hi i was wondering what i need to do if i would like to sponsor (my fiancees parents) here from mexico. He is illegal so i know that he cant do it himself. I would like for them to come up for about 2 or 3 weeks to visit and then they would return to mexico. What are to odds of me doing that and how do i do it?? they are in their mid-50s if that makes a difference. They have no intention for staying past this time. and they have no criminal record. could i sponsor them together or would i have to file separately???
    just wondering.

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    They may face a difficult time because their son is in the US illegally and the embassy will be concerned that his parents will stay (along with their son).

  3. #3
    Visit Visa will only be issued if Visa Officer is satisfied that the person will come back to his own country. You can send them invitation and file Affidavit of Support I-134.
    Good luck.

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    does immigration have to know that they are his parents? Can i sponsor them and never even mention my fiancee? i dont want them to find out that hes illegal and face him being deported. Cant i just sponsor them as friends or sumthing like that????

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    yes, you can invate them as friends. You can also write a letter of invitation where you state when they (your friends not your husband's parents) want to come and leave, also that you are going to show them around your home city and provide them with an accomodation. Give all your contact information on this letter, too. This is kind of supportive letter to bring and show to the consulate in their homecountry in order to get a tourist visa. Trust me, I've done it!

  6. #6
    Geez - here we go again..."can't I just tell a lie to the embassy...."
    When (and if) his parents apply for the visa, the embassy is going to ask who they are visiting, why and how long they have known you, etc.
    How are they going to explain wishing to visit someone they have never met, and for what reason(s)? Tourism? Doubtful. Invitation letters written by someone in the US do NOT, repeat, do NOT instantly qualify an applicant for a visa.
    The embassy will ask questions - and probably a lot of them...and more than likely the info about their illegal son will surface and then.....????

  7. #7
    nobody asks to lie! Technically they are friends-family friends! The trick is that she doesn't want to have any trouble to her what?! And by the way, isn't the tourist visa meant for tourists/visitors?!!!!!!!!! For tourists who want to come and visit this country full of immigrants. You, "SOMEONE", you are also an immigrant, have you thought about this?
    Yes and I agree with you in one thing: the consular will ask a lot of questions.

  8. #8
    to M: reread the posting: the individual wants to have the parents conceal information about the true nature of their visit - this visit is clearly not for "tourism" but to see their son who is illegally present in the US....and on their visa application, on the back, the form asks about close relatives who are in the US...what are they going to answer in this part? "ooops, we forgot our son is in the US illegally....!!??" does one forget about a child???????

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    To SOMEONE my "friends" will not just be coming to see their son, they also will be going to see the towns and different attractions too. They are not solely coming to see him. They are also coming to see me and meet my family and to "experience" America. They have no intentions or wants to stay here!! They dont want to do anything wrong. What is so wrong with them coming to tour and visit the United States and see their future family with a bonus of seeing their son that they havent seen in 6years.

  10. #10
    toTanner: this discussion centered around his parents "forgetting" to mark the box on the application for the visas correctly - that is, the question asks "are any of the following relatives in the US and if so, what is their status"? and this box includes son or daughter. Many "contributors" seem to think that concealing the fact that their son is illegally in the US is somehow justifiable - and my point is that this would be lying. Many, perhaps including yourself, feel that the parents' chances of getting the visa will be reduced if they indicate their son is in the US without authorization - and you are probably right...because...why should the embassy believe that the parents won;t try to stay in the US since their son, who is and has been blatanly violating our laws for the past 6 years (by staying and working illegally - and please, don't tell me he has been watching TV for six years...) is going to somehow "ensure" that his parents obey the law - or that you, someone who is assisting this illegal alien to remain in the US, would not try to assist the parents somehow to stay as well. Where is anyone's credibility?
    And if the parents lie, their visa application is refused and then the next time they "remember" they have a son in the US, what are their chances for a visa the next time?
    And really, why should anyone believe any of your statements about the parents' are harboring an illegal alien now and don't seem to care.

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