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Thread: EAD extension

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    Can we file for EAD extension after its expiry? I have valid H1B.

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    Can we file for EAD extension after its expiry? I have valid H1B.

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    Hey AOS (if it is still you) :

    I understand from this board, you have a valid H-1B. Why did you let your EAD expire?
    You would need it if you lost your currnet job.
    You would be able to use this EAD to find another job in "same or similar occupation" to be able to continue your AOS.

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    I didn't let EAD expire, just want to understand:
    Can we continue to work with the same employer without valid EAD (EAD expired & didn't file extension) if I have valid H1B??
    And at some time (after 180 days of AOS), if I want to change my job, Can I file for extension of EAD to use it for change of job??
    So second question is: Is it allowed to file for extension of EAD after its expiry? Will it be treated as issuing new EAD instead of extension because I am filing(if allowed) after its expiry??

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    Now it is more clear.

    While you work under H-1B, you do not need to worry about EAD. Once you start using EAD at any point of AOS, it is AUTOMATICALLY cancells the H-1B status.

    I do not know what kind of problems you would have if you would want to renew the expired EAD.

    The suggestion is this: keep the EAD valid at all times while the AOS is pending, even though you are still working under the H-1B.

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