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Thread: Reentry permit question

  1. #1
    Can I apply for a reentry permit if I have n400 pending?
    How long does it usually take to get one at Nebraska SC?

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    Can I apply for a reentry permit if I have n400 pending?
    How long does it usually take to get one at Nebraska SC?

  3. #3
    Anyone's opinions on reentry permit! Please!

  4. #4
    hi ... sorry if i am not getting ur point correctly...give some more info...why would u need a reentry permit if u have pending N 400...??? dont u have a green card? Pasha

  5. #5
    Hi, I believe that Anna means "Advance parole". Eventhough Anna has a green card, since she has filed an N-400, then if she travels abroad without an advance parole then she would effectively abandon her N-400 application.

    I do not know the processing time for Advance parole at the Nebraska service center. Maybe someone else will respond with that info.

  6. #6
    hi malf...

    this is something new for me...may be i m wrong..but my mom in law didnt apply for any Advance Parole when she had her N 400 pending and Green Card only with herself she went out of country for 4 months...So dont know much...I think GC is still effective no matter N 400 is going on...isn't it like that? unless he GC has expired or didnt have one due to any reason with herself...may be lost or something like that?

    Have a nice day...! Pasha

  7. #7
    I take back my previous post. Since reading your reply, i did a search on the USCUS website and could find nowhere where it requires green card holders to apply for advance parole. Infact, the only scenario that i found where a greencard holder might need to file the I-131 was if he/she intended to remain outside of the US for more than 1 year. In this case the greencard holder would be applying for a re-entry permit.
    Therefore, based on what i have read, Anna may travel without filing any special forms with USCIS unless she plans to be outside the US for more than 1 year. However, Anna, ensure that you don't jeopardize your residency and physical presence requirements.

  8. #8
    Hi malf,
    you are right. any GC holder needs reentry permit (advance parole) if he plans to stay out of country more more than a year...

    Have a nice weekends...Pasha

  9. #9
    a I-327 is a reentry permit for use by LPR'S if out of the U.S. for up to 2 years.

    a I-512 is the advance parole and for use inorder to leave and reenter the U.S. by people in AOS.

    the form to file for both is the I-131.

  10. #10
    question: does a gc holder also need to get a AP when he/she would like to work overseas for a US company?

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