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  1. #1
    posted July 21, 2003 03:26 PM
    Please help, if you know.

    Once you got married to an American citizen, how long is it before it I get a green card???

    Also, how long will it be before I will be able to leave the country and safely come back???


  2. #2
    posted July 21, 2003 03:26 PM
    Please help, if you know.

    Once you got married to an American citizen, how long is it before it I get a green card???

    Also, how long will it be before I will be able to leave the country and safely come back???


  3. #3

    If you married to US Citizen with legal status, which means you came here legally, you need to file Adjustment of Status.

    The period of waiting differ from each states, the fastest one is in Vermont. You will get you 'conditional green card' if you were called for interview if your marriage less than 2 years at that time.

    Basically the interview will be scheduled between 6-15 months after you filed your AOS. Sometimes make takes longer.

    But you can work by applying EAD and you will get it by 90 days of application. You can also submit Advance Parole form together will other forms for you to travel while your case is pending. Advance Parole may take about 60 - 90 days too. But some place may accept walk in application if you have emergency case.

    But its advisable not to travel outside of US until you get your passport stamped. But if you have Advance Parole you can travel but its not a guarantee for you to get back to US.

    Conditional PR has to be removed 90 days before its expired after 2 years you received it.

    Well good luck and to make sure you don't have problem with you application, file it properly without leave any important attachements requested. Good luck.

    I'm not a lawyer, act accordingly.

  4. #4
    First, you don't need to start two threads for the same exact question, it just doesn't make any sense to do so. To answer your question, you need to give some details like your location, current status, country of origine...
    Filing in Alaska is not the same as filing in Arizona, Leaving the U.S while on legal status is not the same as leaving on expired visa and most importantly filing as a Japanese is not the same as filing as an Afgani

  5. #5
    If you apply in NYC you can expect to wait an eternity, or so it seems!

  6. #6
    HEY Me2, regarding your post, i was just wondering if like lets say, if you divorce before the 2 years up, will you be deported or can u still stay..because im in a horrible marriage situation and want out but i dont know if i get divorced if i can stay as a permanent resident or if ill have 30 days to leave.We were married for a lil more then a year.

  7. #7
    I assumed you already have your Conditional Green Card right?

    Actually, BOTH of you (husband and wife) have to remove the CPR after two years of having it. I really not expert in the matter of divorce while having CPR, but I read in BCIS and also read in other forum, if you can proof that you're been abuse you can get through this and keep your Green card status. But its quite a lot of work, but really I don't know the steps. I hope someone who went throught this can help you.

    There also cases where the husband and wife which doesn't want to be together talk to each other nicely and agreed to remove it together until the whole process is done.

    Anyway pls get immigration experts advise since I'm not the expert. Hope you can get a way to it. Good luck.

    I'm not a lawyer, pls act accordingly.

  8. #8
    I am sorry, I forgot to mention details - I did not know it mattered. I am in Altlanta, GA. I am legal under H1B and was born in Kazakhstan. Please let me know what the wait would be. THank you!

  9. #9
    On average, please give the whole process from filing to everything, 3 years.

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