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Thread: i-94

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    anybody knows meaning of " D/S" on i-94 .


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    anybody knows meaning of " D/S" on i-94 .


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    D/S stands for DURATION OF STATUS, usually applicable to student visa (F). Here is my question: if I-94 shows D/S, and the student is an F-1 overstay, does he/she still accrue illegal time in US and hence trigger the 3/10 year bar?

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    D/S is according to the I-20, if your I-20 is valid for 5years then you have a status of 5years. BUT you should be a student all that time. Go to BCIS/INS and get they will extened for every one year.Thats what the FAM say I think.

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    i think i dont understand so you mean 3/10 yr bar can not be apply to me even if i overstay my visa.

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    I have a couple of links I'll post here. Maybe these links will help, I thought I had more but can't find them.

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    I'm new to this forum so I don't know how and where to ask questions. Well, I hope I'm putting my question in the right forum.
    I've a problem. I'm here in the US on J-1 visa. I came here first in August 2006 and then went back to my home country for a month in December and then came back again in January. When I cam back in January, the officer at CBP erroenously wrote my visa status as F-1 on I-94 card instead of J-1. I didn't notice it until when I went to apply for SSN. Now I've to go back to my home country again on 17th of May. Can anyone please tell me how can I have the mistake on I-94 card corrected before my departure?

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    hey osm73,

    Don't worry, just go to the INS and they will correct it. It happened to me too. I was on J2, but the poor guy wrote B2 at the back of my I-94 and wrote an expiration date on it which was earlier than my whole family was supposed to stay in US. So we went to the INS and they crossed out the "B2" and the "expiration date" on it, and wrote J2, and D/S. So they will change yours too. Just go and visit them! Good luck!

    Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.

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    Hi Jeanine
    Thanks a lot for your reply. It has made me feel lighter. But can you please tell me what is INS? I thought I had to go to one of Deferred Inspection Sites at an airport?

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    your local homeland security office.

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