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Thread: Why Are Canadians So Intolerant?

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    Canadians are no more intolerant than anyone else. What you may not realize if you have never lived outside the US is that you only get part of the story from the media when you live in the US. There is a definate propoganda slant in how the U.S.'s interataction with the rest of the world is presented. I mean everyone else in the world knew that the US gov't was selling arms in the Iran-Contra days - only Americans were surprised. Do you also know that the U.S. actually tried to pass a law that would allow them to flood most of the Province of British Columbia to provide water for Los Angeles (back years and years ago). MANY of the politicians of the day actually thought that they had the right to impose their will on a foreign country.

    The U.S. has a very agressive, bully mentality when it comes to the rest of the world and many countries resent it. Canada is no exception; however, that does not mean that there is a lot of common ground.

    Just a few things to think about...

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    Exactly ARQU, even the sort of catastrophe that happened on September 11, 2001 has to do with the direct, powerful and consistent role the United States government had in the development and strengthening of both the Taliban and Al Quaida. Through decades of CIA training in methods of sabotage and even gifts of weaponry to radical muslim fighters that Ronald Reagan referred to as the moral equivalent of the American founding fathers, the United States itself created the monster that turned on its master last September.

    Jimmy Carter administration's National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski acknowledged that the United States secretly and purposefully provoked the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan ("This secret operation was an excellent idea. Its effect was to draw the Russians into the Afghan trap. You want me to regret that?") not to mention an impressive array of citations establishing the role of the Reagan/Bush administration and the CIA in training the future members of Al Quaida and the Taliban.

    The truth is painful. Americans may like to believe that bear no responsibility for the attacks of September 11, that all the blame lays elsewhere, on an "evil" enemy. The fact is that it isn't so. The citizens of the United States of America are to blame in as much as they allowed a series of American Presidents to build up the very people we now say we despise.

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    can you document Zbigniew Brzezinski's remarks regarding provocation of the Soviet Union.

    If it is in a book, I would like to read the book.

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    You have to realize that there is going to be many with differing opinions. Canadians are not intolerant. That is just the way we are being presented. And if you knew any canadians you may see that they aren't what the media portray them to be like. So instead of just watching the media and believing everything they say. You should stop and think about it also and that maybe they aren't presenting it truthfully.

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    Listen every one, Do you believe US media? They can make a cat to lion and an elephant to mice. Same as all white house spoke persons. Listen one example, whrn Iraq used to fight with Iran, killing kurdis that time US provide all the helps to Iraq. That time not a single US official blamed Saddam after 12 years now they says Iraq is not good anymore......Because....Iraq is not serving US purpose any more in middle east That is US character. Now Canada is not good to US. Why???? Because we canadians are not willing to give company to US when they goes to War for their oil interest. That is what US does not like about Canada. Any country bend over to US foreign policy is their friends all others are Foe. Now Britain are their only friend, you know the reason. Lots of people now thinks Britain is nothing more than puppet of US. We Canadians don't want to be puppet of any country. Not any more.......!!! Will not tolerate any more Bullying from US.

    That's it!.

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    Normally I don't argue about any type of politics, But I support this statment:

    What you may not realize if you have never lived outside the US is that you only get part of the story from the media when you live in the US. There is a definate propoganda slant in how the U.S.'s interataction with the rest of the world is presented.


    I was working in Kuwait when Kuwait was invaded By Iraq. I seen death as closest as I can see
    I've seen allied forces moved and what adjectly happend there. But when I came here I've seen how it was represented to the American Public. ( I don't want to share my story )

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